Top 6 steps for a dry basement

By / June 16, 2014 / Home Improvement

 Flooded basement cartoon

With all the snow and rain we have had this year, the basement repair and waterproofing companies are busier than ever.  Once you have a leaky basement it is probably wise to contact one of your area's basement professionals.  We have a number of terrific companies in the Hamilton, Dundas and Ancaster area that I have used both professionally and personally.

Follow these simple steps to keep your basement dry:

  1. Ensure that the grading of your land (including any aspahalt or concrete driveways or sidewalks) is sloping away from the foundation so that water travels away instead of towards your home.  As a matter of maintenance, consider a bead of caulking along where a hard surface such as a driveway abutts the foundation of your home.  This is a simple and easily forgotten step in water prevention.
  2. Do not have your downspouts going into the ground.  If your downspouts currently empty into the ground, cut it and cap the part of the downspout remaining in the ground.  From the piece of downspout hanging down from above, attach an elbow piece for the downspout and attach another piece of downspout that you can then direct water away from the house and foundation.  You can purchase varoius different products from your local hardware, Canadian Tire or Home Depot that are specifically designed to attach to your downspout for this very purpose. 
  3. Do not have any gardens and or soil above the foundation.  People create these beautiful raised flower beds at the front of their homes that are higher than their foundation.  Wooden framing and brick is porous and over time, water may penetrate these surfaces causing water to enter their basement and potentially causing serious structural issues with the foundation. 
  4. Do not have steps or hard-scape materials built over the height of the foundation.  Again, lovely flower beds that are made of stone or brick walls that extend over the height of the foundation allow water to accumulate and pool at the foundation and through the brick of the home.  This increases the probability of a water issue in the basement.
  5. Check for leaks in the evestrough and repair and replace as necessary.  Also, keeping your evestrough clear of leaves, which will allow water to travel efficiently down the evestrough .  If not, water in the evestrough can overflow and pour water directly below and against your foundation.
  6. Never build a wooden set of stairs over a set of old concrete stairs.  What happens is the wood on top of the stairs will retain moisture and water from rain and ice within the concrete stairs below.  The freezing and thawing of these concrete stairs will cause water in the foundation and ultimately may cause shifting of the foundation as well.

When buying a home, be sure to speak with your Home Inspector if you have any concerns about water getting into the basement or any cracking of the foundation.  Feel free to contact us at 905-525-2720, if you would like the names and contact information for recommended professionals in the Hamilton/Ancaster/Dundas/Burlington area.





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May 2014 Market Report

By / June 15, 2014 / Press Release

May Market Report Hamilton

 Highlights from the May Market Report provided by RAHB are as follows:

  • The number of sales are up 4.1% in May 2014 versus May 2013
  • The number of listings are up 8.0% in May 2014 versus May 2013
  • The average sale price is down 1.8% in May 2014 versus May 2013

 To view the full Market Report and to see what the May 2014 sales statistics were for the various areas serviced by the Realtors Association of Hamilton Burlington click for ...more

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Multi-Residential and Commercial property at 142 Charlton Avenue West

By / June 15, 2014 / Featured Properties

142 Charlton Avenue West

Terrific Southwest investment that generates in excess of $34,000.  Five residential units plus one commercial space.  The property offers 3 parking spots on site. There are one, 2 bedroom units, plus Four, 1 bedroom units in addition to the 1160 square feet of commercial space.  Call Cameron Nolan at 905-525-2720 for more information.  For the full listing information click below to view...more

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Life's Better...with a Martini!

By / June 14, 2014 / Life's Better...

Life's Better with a Martini

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First Time Home Buyer Video

By / June 12, 2014 / Buying a Home

Watch this terrific YouTube video from the OREA (Ontario Real Estate Association) on home buying that should be of particular interest to the first time buyer.  I hope you learn something and enjoy the video.

Buying a Home - Video Link

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