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By / January 10, 2013 / Home Decor

Bathroom design by Forum Phi Design

A bathroom adds value to a home doesn’t it? It depends. On what you may ask.

Take a home with an unfinished basement that is only used for storage or laundry, for example. If you only have one bathroom in your home and the above grade levels in your home do not allow the space to install a powder room then a bathroom in the basement is a good investment of your home improvement funds. A powder room is a better choice than a full bathroom with a shower/bathtub. People generally do not like showering in an unfinished basement and therefore installing a shower does not give you a "good bang for your buck". If you plan on finishing your basement with a recreation room or office then the powder room makes even more sense. If however, your plans are to create a bedroom/guest bedroom then a full bathroom becomes the better choice and it will add value to the basement bedroom.

A powder room on the main living level of your home is a very good selling feature for any home and becomes a terrific selling feature in older neighbourhoods where a main floor powder room is less common. If you have a bedroom on your main living level then a full bathroom becomes very desirable and adds value to your home. If there are no bedrooms on the main level then a full bathroom is less desirable, and in fact may be viewed by buyers as a waste of space or a negative feature of your home.

On the second level of a 1.5 storey homes where there are typically no bathrooms, finding space to install a powder room such as in a closet is a very attractive feature and adds value.

In conclusion, a powder room at the very least is best on every level of your home. Also, if space allows; a full bathroom is preferred over a powder room on the bedroom level(s) of your home.

*To look at the whole house where this bathroom photograph was taken, click on this link...Forum Phi project


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